Bitcoin $ 6000: Unstoppable

On Friday, October 20, 2017, Bitcoin’s value surpassed $ 6,000. Within 5 days of a new fork, the price goes up against forecasts.

Speculation or reality, value or investment, usability or fashion, we do not know for sure what motivates many investors to acquire Bitcoins, and even more, on the eve of a new fork that predicts falls in value after its execution.

The lack of negative news boosts value on the rise, virtual media in strategic areas of value, expansion already in all types of media, or the possible reality of its functionality, make Bitcoin reach its new historical high.

Its current total value, more than $ 100,000,000,000, exceeds large and veteran companies like PayPal and the GDP of certain small countries.



The regulation of cryptocurrencies is still not established in some countries, but even so, you can see that there are transactions from them and that their movement is growing and, in which it is allowed, the purchase of this cryptocurrency has exploded.

Meanwhile, their little sisters, such as Ethreum, Ripple or Bitcoin Cash assume losses of value while waiting for them to “take their turn” to show that they also have a niche in this market.

We will see that we have the following days in the world of cryptocurrencies, and remember that investment in financial assets (which is how most cryptocurrencies are classified at the investment level) are high-risk investments, can lose all or part of your investment. Consult with an investment specialist before you act.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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