Bitcoin 3200$: “to the moon”

Bitcoin (BTC) exceeds $ 3200. The sales of Bitcoin Cash once it was able to send to the exchanges for its exchange by BTC or other crypto coins has triggered a slight increase in the value of Bitcoin, surpassing for the first time the $ 3200.

kraken_3200_btcGraphic: Kraken

They follow the rest of Altcoins, also on the rise, as Ethereum, which seems to generate alternative and trust as an investment.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash suffered a sharp fall, hovering around $ 180.

It seems to be that the Hard Fork produced on August 1, has only strengthened the original Bitcoin chain. Roger Ver, an outspoken advocate of the new bifurcation and Bitcoin Cash, tries hard to promote and justify the Hard Fork, although it does not seem to help much with comments like “I own a lot of Bitcoin cash” Bitcoin Cash “) said in a recent interview.

The difficulty of calculating blocks in the main Bitcoin blockchain is maintained, while it is slightly reduced in Bitcoin Cash but fails to establish a continuity of generation of blocks every 10 minutes stipulated, which causes backtracking transactions in this bifurcated chain.

In Bitcoin Cash, now the delay of transactions is no longer subject to fees, it is subject structure.

Holders (those who acquire Bitcoin and “store” them, without using them as an investment) are still partying, and they are waiting for patients to climb again, with a lot of confidence in view of August 10 with confirmed news about Segwit.

We will closely follow the evolution of the prices of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and the rest of crypto coins.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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