Best graphic cards for mining in 2017

The best graphics cards for the crypto mine this year, have surprised us a lot. Those that we thought would be the worst, are becoming the jewels of the crown.

Do we already know what they are?

AMD continues with the best graphics

Between January of this year and as the months progressed, we discovered that the model that improved performance and profits was the AMD rx 580. As one of the best in its category, we found two reference models, one with 4GB and another with 8GB.

In the 4GB model of GDDR5, we found an exceptional quality-price working with Ethereum, Zcash, and Cryptonight. Powerful and with a medium consumption, it surprises its highly affordable and scalable price. The 8GB model reserves a little more mining power and its consumption remain fair and balanced.

We emphasize this model being the best option for medium-long term durability since its useful life can reach up to the year 2023, taking as reference the DAG file and its gradual memory increase. Therefore, they will last longer and if we know how to make a soft overclock, it will increase their performance and wear resistance.


  • 2,304 shaders
  • 144 texture units
  • 32/36 rasterized units.
  • 256 bit bus
  • GPU at 1340 MHz.
  • 4 GB of GDDR5 at 7 GHz effective, 8 GB of effective GDDR5 at 8 GHz.
  • Requires 8-pin and 6-pin connector.
  • TDP of 185 watts.

Better algorithms for the mined crypto: Cryptonight, Ethash, Equihash, Neoscrypt, Skunkhash

VEGA 56 and 64 finally working hard

At the beginning of its sale, many miners doubted this powerful card and its possibilities. Criticism very hard for its excessive consumption and not reaching the expected mining power. It was not until after a month, that many miners did not give up, decided to squeeze their potential in the best way. Using the cryptonight algorithm and with a difficult configuration program, we got about 2000 hashes. Its consumption dropped to 200w depending on the operational overclock.

This card is among the best for the crypto mine, generating incredible benefits in just two months. It has become a jewel very sought after and appreciated in the mining community.


  • 4096 Stream
  • Processors 1677 MHz
  • Boost Clock 8GB
  • HBM2945 MHz High Bandwidth Memory 2483.8 GB/s
  • Memory Bandwidth

Nvidia and its models 1060, 1070ti and 1080ti

Nvidia is not far behind for a second and is marked as one of the best options for efficient and variable mining with dazzling adaptability. Its powerful cards enjoy enviable energy efficiency and at the same time work several algorithms with amazing performances. The model 1060 with 6gb, is the best option quality-price-power, also with a really low consumption.

The 8GB 1070ti model is the most recent and perhaps the best model in the whole range, for price and power, being very adaptive generating income with an exaggeratedly balanced consumption. Its power force overshadows the 8GB 1080 if we overclock it moderately and with almost equal mining power.

The flagship of Nvidia is this time, the brand new 1080ti with its insurmountable performances and efficiencies. With its 11GB of memory, we have a card for several years of forced labor. A well-deserved condemnation since this beast of mining will cost us a good pinch. Without a doubt it is the most versatile and powerful model in comparison.

The best option is the 1070ti compared to current models.


  • 2.432 shaders.
  • 152 texture units.
  • 64 rasterized units.
  • 256 bit bus
  • GPU at 1.607 MHz-1.687 MHz.
  • 8 GB of GDDR5 at 8 GHz.
  • Requires 8 pin connector.
  • TDP of 180 watts.

Diversify is the decision to make

If we like to work minting cryptocurrencies and we show incombustible affection to this task, we will have to diversify. Depending on the currency and the algorithm, we can use AMD and Nvidia, thus being the best way to cover the largest number of algorithms available.

Therefore, if we still thought that our graphics cards did not provide benefits, they deserve another opportunity. Consult the mining table of any calculator and you will see that throughout the year its benefits have been very profitable.

Patience must be had for good benefits to obtain.