ARKER launches the alpha version of its video game

Four months after finishing the ICO and overcoming its softcap, the Arker team has launched the alpha version for all the participants who bet on their project by acquiring their token during the ICO.

Arker is a videogame where players are rewarded with a cryptocurrency in exchange for their time invested in the game, unlike the solutions we are used to today, where we have to pay to continue playing or wait a few hours until that we can continue our progress.

As they stated in their roadmap, the Arker project marked a functional version of the game by the end of the first quarter of 2018, so that all participants who acquired the token in the ICO period had access to an initial version of the game.


This version will allow you to appreciate the main essence of the game, with the basic functions to recruit heroes, equip skills and weapons, as well as perform 1vs1 combats in online mode against other players.

Thanks to this phase, the game team will be able to receive feedback from their first players that will allow them to solve possible errors and balance the game; as well as see how the game behaves with a certain amount of simultaneous players. And, of course, listen to the community in the possible improvements and / or future implementations that they would like to see in the game.

As it could not be less in a competitive game, in this version we will also have a global ranking where all the players will be able to see the classification in real time to know who are the most active players and with the greatest skill.

In addition, this classification will also be used to reward the user who finishes in first position in one of the first events to be held; said player who wins the podium during this event will be rewarded with up to 1000 ARKER.

If you are willing to try the game like us, the public beta is scheduled for the end of the second quarter of this year 2018; to which all the people who wish may have access.

If you could not participate in the ICO and, therefore, you can not enjoy this version, do not worry, since the advances made by the players during the alpha version of the game will not be saved. By the time the beta version is released all the progress made so far will be eliminated, and all players will start over.



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