Arker, first game with blockchain economy, now available

Arker: The legend of Ohm, the first online multiplayer video game that rewards you with a cryptocurrency in exchange for playing, is now available for free download. Thanks to this, ARKER, the criptodivisa created for the game, has suffered a strong market increase in its main exchange Waves Platform (DEX), which are listed since its inception.

After its launch, in just 24 hours it has managed to be placed in the top 10 of Play Store strategy games, receiving numerous downloads and positive comments with the highest ratings by the community.


Among the next steps to be taken by the project team is to be listed in various exchanges before the end of the year; for the moment its exit is confirmed in the promising LesCovex exchange, which will allow the entry and exit of its currency at the same rate as FIAT.

His token, created under the blockchain platform of Waves, has a total supply of 10,000,000 ARKER, of which 3,500,000 were distributed in the ICO to all the participants who decided to give their support to the project; the rest will be dedicated to its distribution to the players as a reward for spending time in the game.

Arker not only innovates by rewarding players with a cryptocurrency, but has also created its own in-game economy, allowing players to sell and buy game objects to other players through this currency, which can also be used to buy chests, to found clans [groups of players] or perform missions that allow the player to get even more valuable rewards, among other things.

But also, the player can choose to accumulate ARKER, withdraw it from the game and exchange it for FIAT in any of the exchanges that already integrate this cryptocurrency. The team has generated a great amount of multimedia and narrative content about the world of the game, where one can get to discover the past or the ins and outs of the city of Ohm and the history of all its heroes and how they got to the current point that narrates the game.

With more than 4000 games in its first 24 hours of life, more than 1,000 ARKER have already been distributed among its users; which have already begun to promote the internal economy of the game by buying and selling in the integrated market.

Arker: The Legend of Ohm, is now available for free download at major mobile device stores. They have also confirmed that soon they will make the leap to the market of video games for PC and consoles.

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