Announced the 16Th DragonMint miners series

Dragonmint 16T is the new Bitcoin mining device from Halong Mining. This group of assemblers competes directly with Bitmain and Innosilicon and wants to enter the next sales phase.

Do you offer a Bitcoin mining device with superior features?

DragonMint 16Th presents its prototype

DragonMint 16T, according to Halong, is the most efficient Bitcoin miner in the world, working faster and being colder than any competitor miner. This prototype offers a power increase of up to 15% more with a consumption lower than 1500w.

For them, it is the culmination of more than 12 months of research and development that has led to important advances in mining technology. Its model includes a new generation of ASIC mining chips. The ASIC DM8575 works at a level of 85GH per chip with an energy efficiency of around 0.075J / GH.

Its beginnings began in December 2016, driven to facilitate greater decentralization in Bitcoin mining with SHA-256 algorithm. More than 100 experts and world-class leaders in their respective fields have contributed and worked on the project. In addition to chip designers, electronics hardware specialists and software designers.

With an initial investment of 30 million dollars in research, development and creation, they began to form Dragonmint.

They had to work on mining prototypes and also writing software and producing small batches of silicon wafers.

Producing mining equipment from scratch takes around 4 months, including the manufacture of silicon chips. This means a great effort and dedication to the manufacture of these components. Very difficult tasks in a market as competitive and as aggressive as new technologies.

The next generation of miners from March 2018

Undoubtedly, it will be a spectacular job, and more will be, waiting for the mining groups willing to buy them. The characteristics of DragonMint 16Th:

DragonMint 16T is the most efficient Bitcoin miner, works at 15% + and works 30% colder.

Its energy consumption of the PSU DragonMint 1600W and with the dual fans, 1432W 220V, at room temperature of 25 ° C. A variation of ± 6% is expected.

The power supply is not included:

It is recommended PSU DragonMint 1600W .

Minimum order 5 units.

Shipping begins in March 2018

Demonstration video (Youtube):

Website and Twitter @halongmining .

If this company demonstrates seriousness, commitment and good treatment in the future along with transparency and good customer service, it will be a tough competitor.

The only difficulty will be to collect the money to order the 5 minimum units that they demand the orders. For everything else, I think it’s worth studying and thinking about buying from this company.

Finally, there is someone who wants to stand up to the Asic monopoly and decentralize sales a little more.

Impatient for the news that 2018 brings. DragonMint, will be one of them.