and now Google: will ban financial announcements of cryptocurrencies

In the newly updated policies of Google’s financial products, ads for “cryptocurrencies and related content (including, but not limited to, initial currency offers, crypto exchanges, crypto-codes, and crypto-commercial advice) will not be accepted.”

“In June 2018, Google will apply its financial services policy to limit the advertising of CFDs, foreign currency contracts (rolling forex) and bets on financial spreads (” financial spread betting) “, not admitting the advertising of options binaries and similar products, as well as “cryptocurrencies and related contents”.

Google has indicated that those advertisers who offer CFDs, cash currency contracts and bets on financial spreads must have a certification from Google before being able to advertise through AdWords, warning that this certification may be requested from March and “only It is available in certain countries. ”

In this sense, the search engine requires interested advertisers to have the corresponding license issued by the financial authority of the country or of the target countries, as well as to ensure that their ads and landing pages comply with the AdWords policies, in addition to complying with the relevant legal requirements, including those related to complex speculative financial products.

Earlier this year, Facebook decided to ban advertising that promotes financial products and services that are often associated with deceptive promotional practices, noting binary options, initial currency offers (ICOs) and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency ads have also been disappearing from Chinese social networking sites.

We will see what consequences these blockages create in the world of cryptocurrencies.


Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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