AIEVE (Peculium) prepares to forecast the future of cryptocurrencies

Peculium developed the world’s first artificial intelligence capable of a forecasting crypto coins value 24 hours in advance. This astonishing accomplishment is the result of years of research and the gathering of blockchain, coins and data scientist experts (such as Sir Rashid Oukhai, CEO of Peculium and Upsilon Data) and AI engineers (lead by Sir Abed Ajraou, one of the UK’s most renowned data scientist).

AIEVE, Peculium’s so-called AML agent, has the ability to give real-time saving-portfolios advice. Currently, in its Alpha version (v0.1), AIEVE is already capable to forecast the market price of Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies within an error margin of 3.4%. If that was not enough, she keeps learning and improving with each passing moment thanks to her AML algorithms and massive computational power.

In addition, Peculium has created a challenge to demonstrate AIEVE prediction capabilities: AI vs. Human. In this thread of Bitcointalk, they will face the predictions of AIEVE against the human participants during 14 days. Three prizes are at stake, with rewards in PCL tokens worth several thousand Euros.


PECULIUM is the first system that combines traditional savings, the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and AI. It means PECULIUM allows you to save and grow your money in cryptocurrency-based projects. Peculium is a platform that runs on a blockchain technology known as “smart contracts” over the Ethereum network. Peculium has created an Ethereum, ERC20 standard compliant token, with the name of Pecul or PCL.

This project is the crystallization of the values, vision, and dreams of a global team with years of practical and professional experience in finance, data science, automated machine learning, and more. The team Peculium firmly believes in bridging traditional savings and the trinity of the blockchain, big data, and AIEVE.

For more information about AIEVE and its ICO, visit the Peculium website or our previous article.


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