A weekend thinking together a Blockchain society

This weekend I attended the Desing4blockchain challenge without knowing much about what I was going to have in spite of having previously chatted with one of the organizers Gustavo Segovia. In the end, it is a meeting of people who want to apply the blockchain to an area. The way to solve it by the conveners is to use the “Desing Thinking“. This is through group dynamics mainly created to know the user enough to identify a problem that is defined in the beginning as a challenge. Once the challenge is launched, the first thing is to know the user, their day to day and their real needs; then it is to create a solution by seeing to what level the Blockchain can enter that solution.

The area chosen for this weekend were the social problems, supported by the Fundación ONCE and the IE University in Madrid. The challenges chosen for this occasion were within the theme: Labor Insertion, Mobility, Pharmacy and Culture.

In the “Area 31” of the IE University, near the Avenida America interchange in Madrid between storm and rain, we locked ourselves in an area created especially by that university for innovative creation.

The people that we present to give an answer to this challenge were of very different profiles, both in age, origin, level of knowledge of the social problem and Blockchain knowledge level. What initially seemed a difficult element to unite, little by little it was assembled arriving with this to possible solutions to very specific problems of our society based on this technology.

This demonstrated two things, that the work system carried out by the group “Desing4GoodRock” works and on the other hand that Blockchain technology moves away from the simple creation of coins and takes a step forward.

I take the idea that some said between the multiple talks. This ecosystem is now very small, we are few and we could create through it a better world for all, because we have the opportunity to create and advance according to the values of integrity, transparency and incorruptibility of the Blockchain.

How many actors in the ecosystem will concentrate their forces for social progress?

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

Writer by birth, curious by profession ... I learn a little more every day from the cryptocurrency.