A Truly Healthy Pre-ICO Investment Opportunity

Zealeum is a decentralized blockchain-based health-and-wellness ecosystem that connects individuals with health-and-fitness businesses and services.

Zealeum community members are able to create actionable health profiles where they can securely store, view, leverage, and even sell their own data. Members will also be able to earn ERC20-compliant Zealeum Tokens for any number of health-related activities.

Businesses and service providers have exceptional opportunities to promote optimal health and wellness for their customers while amplifying their marketing messaging and reaching entirely new audiences for exponential revenue growth.


During the pre-sale, investors can buy Zealeum Tokens at a limited-time, limited-supply 60% discount at just $0.04 per token. The pre-sale discount ends on May 30, 2018.

You can also get a special bonus of a 5% discount with the code “ICOBLASTZEAL“.

The pre-ICO discount ends on May 30th.

Strong Team Powers Lucrative Opportunities for Investors

The Zealeum team is comprised of experts across health and wellness, organic foods, financial, stock market, and complex software development industries. The team includes a member who was the Chief Scientist & CTO who led the development of Unocoin, India’s Bitcoin exchange, and who was also the lead software developer that made it possible to drive millions for Yahoo and PayPal. Another team member took his two IPO companies to market. Zealeum continues to forge new strategic partnerships across cryptocurrency, financial, health markets, and more.

For large-scale investments, affiliate programs, strategic partnerships, and service provider opportunities, contact Info@Zealeum.Life.

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Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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