A thousand articles and a few more

In a place as close, as the Internet allows, a group of people gathered around a technological invention similar to a treasure.

Of this technological invention everyone wanted to learn, but some chose to teach what they learned by spreading what they discovered, from all corners of the web world.

After 1000 numbers it is difficult to be original, to attract attention and to keep coherent with the idea of reporting truthfully. In Bitcoiner.Today we have achieved it thanks to the impetus of José Felip and the graphic art of Enric Martí.

During all the cafes and research I have learned something new about the Blockchain world, I have seen very distant horizons that fill with hope any exile of the current economic and monetary system.

But I’ve also seen the icy shadow of greed hovering around the fragile markets of cryptocurrencies, creating ups and downs, large entrances of people and panicked departures (Bull Run).

When the market is so fragile and so small it is very easy to influence your pulse, then the media can be manipulated for or against a cryptocurrency or project.

In this we have opted, as a means, to contrast the news coming from different places of the network, which is not easy because when a great medium wants to manipulate it covers their tracks and we are humble and with few means they make it complicated … but not impossible. The good thing about it being a small market, is that we are a small world; so contacting sources is at the touch of a button.

And the best thing about being an independent media like Bitcoiner.Today is that the editors are free to tell the stories that we really believe in and have the time to deepen and recognize our own way of thinking in front of the Blockchain world.

Money has no ideology, no sex. It is an economic premise. But we as people if we have ideologies and the more we read and the more contacts we make, the more we deepen our own ideas.

And in this online magazine, in each of the thousand publications, we can find those ideas found among networks, talks, and readings.

And it happened that in the search to teach that “treasure” they found a mountain in whose summit they discovered together a loudspeaker and they stayed there counting every advance, joy or sadness that they found in the Chain of Blocks.

Thus, when completing the thousand stories they looked around and saw that the mountain was surrounded by new people waiting for a future feat of the Blockchain.

And that’s all folks, this road has just begun.


Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

Writer by birth, curious by profession ... I learn a little more every day from the cryptocurrency.