A coffee with Toni Moral: WATAFAN, our idols closer

Nobody knows how far the blockchain technology will take us, the truth is that every time I’m surprised a bit more, but when I think I have it checked, I’m told that Toni Moral, former professional footballer, has taken the step to create a new solution with the chain of blocks.

Watafan is the project for a mobile DApp that allows to digitize, gamify and personalize the world of collection cards, giving the possibility to all fans to obtain an exclusive digital good, created and delivered directly by their favorite idols.

I write to Toni and I ask for a coffee, it’s summer, so I add ice (coffee cut with ice, it looks great). It’s funny, Toni is calm, with the nerves of who is going to launch something new.

Why WATAFAN? Does that name mean anything?

Watafan comes from the expression “What a fan!” Which in English means “Menudo Fan!”

How do you pass professional footballer or a visionary Blockchain?

I met Bitcoin in 2012, while continuing my professional career as a footballer. I have always been a very restless and enterprising person. After the explosion of the real estate bubble my concern was focused on what I believe was a failed economic system. The measures applied by our governments and the central banks to solve the crisis were the closest thing to a forward kick that could not end well. Therefore there must be an alternative outside this system controlled and manipulated at the whim of a few. Despite my limited technological knowledge, Bitcoin seemed to me somewhat disruptive and powerful, so I began to read about it and to meet people from the ecosystem, still very small at the time. Later on, I joined forces to start carrying out concept tests, especially notarization and tokenization processes of works of art. It was a learning process. Finally, I created Tookens Blockchain Technology SL where I wanted to give shape to a crazy idea that had occurred to me after detecting a problem that until now had no solution. This is how Watafan was born.

You just made her look with different eyes at the footballers, you know, I told Toni after listening to her answer. Why? he asked. Prejudices, I suppose, one imagines that a person who lives off sport does not care about the economy, I answered with a bit of modesty. I can not help it, how is the life of a soccer player?

The life of an elite footballer is very sacrificial. People only see the beautiful part of the profession. There are few who understand the physical and psychological effort involved in going to the limit constantly and the responsibility involved. Of course it is a fantastic profession that also, and unlike others, is well paid. So the passion for the sport and the monetary incentive largely compensate for the less attractive part.

How will you attract celebrities to the Watafan world?

Watafan is a tool that allows our idols to generate their own autographed digital cards (watacards) without relying on third parties. These watacards will be delivered to your fans altruistically as it has been done all your life. The admirer will be able to treasure them for life without any cost. Of course, if one day I would like to sell it, part of its profit will go to our famous “copyright”.
That’s why we believe that our Idols are going to be the most interested in using this innovative technology that allows them a new way of interacting with their followers through exclusive digital goods.

Is this more than for sports, can they be musicians or actors?

Indeed, an Idol can be an athlete, an actor, a musician, a painter, an influencer, etc …

Is it the platform who chooses who is an idol? Because for example I can say that I am an idol and create my own chrome, although it would not be a bad collection of Spanish bitcoiners.

Hahaha, it would not be bad. We have an initial list of Idols from all sectors prepared to enter. We hope that someone of renown. The idols are validated by the Watafan team. The idea is that it is the community itself that decides who is an idol and who is not. We can start by taking as a reference the number of followers in their social networks and we will add alternative and evolved processes along the way.

In the technical part, why do you use Bitcoin technology, the RSK network and not Ethereum or Steem, for example?

I firmly believe that the correct architecture to give stability and scalability to this technology in the long term must start from a very solid core, relatively simple (not Turing Complete), with monetary incentives well aligned for all actors within the ecosystem. From there, grow on this core with second layers (sidechains) and off-chain protocols that allow to speed up payments like the Lightning Network does. That is why a phrase you will hear me say often is “The important thing is not blockchain but Bitcoin”. In short, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, a complex system that has allowed to connect all the gears correctly to solve a problem that had never been achieved before.

-To see, how it works: I have my idol, I write to you and I ask you to digitally sign a chrome

-Yes, or you ask him when you see him, he smiles.

– He should have the application?


– When will it be ready?

-We hope to launch next month.

– Nervous?

-Relatively nervous, as this has been lengthening more than expected and I’m used to it.

– Who are on your team

We have Socialpay as a technology partner, led by Fran Arechaga and Ricard Forn and in the marketing part Julio Muñoz and Marco Rocha , consecrated professionals of the sector. We also have Antonio Andrés Henche (known in the Bitcoin world as Antuam) as a Founder and Advisor partner.

-You are in good hands, I say, reviewing the names.


-And the idea, how did it come about?

About 3 years ago I found a follower of a former team of mine selling on EBay a Panini chrome with my image and autographed in my own handwriting. To remain in shock after understanding that the “fans” profit from the sale of the autographs that their idols give them selflessly and that there is a real market for the sale of this kind of articles, with many limitations and inconveniences for all parties , encouraged me to undertake this adventure.

-But with this application for asking for an autograph, I would not have to pay.

-No, the Idol delivers it for free.

-It would be in case I sold that copy. I understand


– How would that signature?

-It is a Token cryptographically signed by the Idol (the image is the least important in this case, although it is important for the gamification part and the artistic part of the article).

-I do not usually look for autographs, so I do not know how it would be, I see crazy girls behind an artist, this artist would pass a QR with his signature?

-If you are together in person, the fan shows the QR of your Wallet and the Idol makes a reading from your DApp and sends it.

– So the famous one will have to announce that he has WATAFAN so that his followers also have the application.


We continue talking for a while and I will be waiting for the launch of its platform. The blockchain technology and the solutions found in it do not stop causing surprise.

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Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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