A coffee with Anna Almenar: RURALCO a hotel for the community.

hen I get a message from Jose Felip or Ramón Quesada, I never ignore them. So when they forwarded me a message from Anna, I read it carefully as I felt something similar to a “call to arms” inside me. The message said:

“Hello guys, we are creating a Hacker Hostel, where we can make synergies with people who come from this technological world.

After months of searching for a suitable place we found the facilities in the middle of the mountain, in the interior of Castellón.

We are currently rehabilitating them and we would value everyone who gives us a hand, whether for web, networks … any help is welcome. We are offering accommodation with food. There will also be a token sale with which we want to finance the project and those who help will be rewarded. “

The truth is that when we become “Bitcoiners” we realize that our language changes, we need to learn, share ideas and the internet and chat becomes our meeting point. But we are human and we all need a corner to escape knowing that we will meet people who understand our concerns, a corner where being part of the crypt is the usual, so imagine a place of retreat for the world “crypto, I was excited” . Yes, I went for a virtual coffee with Anna Almenar Ribés.

Who are Ruralco?

RuralCo’s promoter team is led by Anna Almenar Ribés, the project director, has been part of different technological projects and is now specialized in coexistence and productivity methodologies in the field of coliving.

We continue with Lluis Santos Conde, co-founder and CEO of Entropy Factory, with a long career as an entrepreneur and developer. His technical field is security and this has led him to create several solutions projects with Blockchain technology.

Finally Óscar Traver Vidal as an expert in the agricultural field and the natural environment, also in charge of the rehabilitation and maintenance of the buildings.


I like that a woman is the director of a technological project, I find few. Anna agrees, we are still few in the Blockchain world.Let’s start with the easy How is the idea of making a hotel for Blockchain entrepreneurs born?


Entropy Factory is the seed project of Ruralco. It was one of the first companies in the community that entered the Blockchain and at the same time offered a space for coexistence among its workers. It was found that coexistence promotes productivity and synergies between different professionals.

To this day, in Castellón there is already a community of developers from the Blockchain sector. These projects are an attraction for new entrepreneurs or freelancers. Thus, it is intended that Ruralco be a meeting point and benchmark for the sector.
If the center is successful and therefore a benchmark is created, the model can be replicated to other rural locations around the world, strengthening a growing community that needs favorable and collaborative environments.


That interests me, I live in a village “very town” and I can say that the creative production increases In which town is the hotel? In what town are you?

Well, we have obtained some facilities in the municipality of Culla, in the interior of Castellón. We are in the middle of nature. On the web you can see some images that we will update as we rehabilitate the property


What do you need to start working? How can the community help you?

Well, as in any project there is a lack of investment, not much, but to adapt the facilities so that all those who come feel at home and do not miss anything.

How can you help us? Well, word of mouth does a lot. Now we are looking to expand the team with different profiles. We have different financing channels open, one of them will be an ICO, simple, without “coins” to speculate. Each token will be equivalent to one full day of stay in the center.

This is a social project and what is intended is to make life easier for many freelances and entrepreneurs that we would like to collaborate with other like-minded people, being able to have at the same time a high quality of life for an affordable price.


“Without Coins to speculate” sounds very good. But right now is not the hotel enabled?

The installations? No, no, we are only the team rehabilitating them, there are some rooms for us or if someone comes to help.

We live there but … there is a lack of construction, plumbing and electricity before putting it on beautifully.


When will our Ico be ?, I say our, because I already imagine spending a weekend there with all and all that I greet every day through the different chat … to see if we all agree and we stayed there the Same weekend; thinking about it, the hotel will have to be great. Anna laughs at my ramblings and responds fun.

!Clear! There will be no problem in organizing a joint meeting there.

The ICO forecast that it will be launched at the end of October. As we move forward, we can say the exact date, but as soon as possible, we can not move forward with the reform.


When will we be able to spend our first nights?

Well, I guess we’ll have to wait for the result of the fundraiser to know when we can make a break


What do you expect from this project?

Well, from this project I hope it is a project of many, that many people like you can feed on the Blockchainian community that is being created and now also has a non-urbanite physical part. The rural world is 90% of Spain and in the other countries the percentage is similar, and only 20% are those who live there. We are playing technological decentralization, right? Well now physically it is also the moment.

With Anna we continue talking for a while, my head is enthusiastic about the idea that we can all have a place to get “a house” that generates meetings where you can pay in cryptocurrencies and also in fiat, because as Anna points out “You do not have to leave Nobody out. ” Now ICO is waiting for Ruralco to be finalized and open its doors.



Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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