A coffee with AgoraChain

There are worse days than others and there are simply unbearable days when you need a coffee and talk. That day I had problems with an article and almost stampeded me against the road guard.

When I arrived at the bar I met Manel, from AgoraChain, who, without knowing me, had to act as a “cloth of tears”. Then the questions began.

Why create a magazine having already so many media that speak of cryptocurrencies?

There is no publication like AgoraChain, we are alone in Spanish, you can download the magazine and see that both the content and design are of high quality, we want to do a character project and decentralize people, but offer professionalism.

How do they differ with respect to other publications?

In the quality and that we are in PDF, you can print, in a short time we hope to leave on paper.

And how do they start decentralization?

We have a telegram channel in which everyone participates and we create the contents. We also have facebook, twitter and linkedin. But in telegram is where we move the most

Where can you find this magazine?

The three numbers can be found in Medium, also on the Issuu platform.

Why the name AgoraChain?

Because we want it to be a Decentralized Cultural Plaza, a place where you can discuss everything, when you talk, when ideas are launched is when projects improve.

Agora, in ancient Greece, was the place reserved for the squares where citizens would gather. It was an open space, the center of commerce (market), of the culture and politics of the social life of the Greeks.

From the square in ancient Greece to a virtual square, where everyone talks and thinks. That is the evolution proposed by this group, to ensure that our opinions are also decentralized.

It is what I found in its different channels, so the magazine becomes a small synthesis of that compendium of people and the information they are willing to share, even if they do not agree, which is even more effective and interesting , the debates arouse curiosity.

And calmer after having talked with Manel and take a look at the number three of the Magazine, I think how easy it would be to attract new users with a medium printed on paper … of course, that is the next step of “AgoraChain”

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

Writer by birth, curious by profession ... I learn a little more every day from the cryptocurrency.