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[- Youtuber (EN) Boxmining -] Can we get MILLIONS of Gamers into Crypto: How to create Blockchain Gaming 2.0 @boxmining

How do we get Millions of gamers to adopt and use blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Whilst games such as Cryptokitties gained financial success, their player base dwindled rapidly. How can we fix this problem? We discuss the challenges facing Gaming with Blockchain with Veteran Game Developers from Pixelmatic Studios: Jason Lee (Company of Heroes, AoE4), Damon Gauthier (Empire Earth, CoH, Anthem) and Hope Fan (BTCC).
00:00 Crypto & Gaming
1:09 Panel Introductions
4:03 CryptoKitties Post Mortem
6:33 How did Crypto Kitties make money
14:11 Gameplay Analysis
20:31 Games with Blockchain
23:18 What is Decentralized Gaming

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