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[- Youtuber (EN) Tone Vays -] Unmasking Satoshi? or Big Block Propaganda? You be the Judge! @ToneVays

Claims in the Video (Part I)
1. Ties to California Cypherpunk community in early 90’s but never explained how that’s relevant:
2. Term White Paper is of British Origin & Satoshi wrote in British English w/ English Spell Check

3. Double Spacing:
Not much interesting in Pt. 2 other than:
4. Claim that Satoshi was not well off financially:
5. No way Satoshi would have lost his coins or burned his coins:
6. Stating Satoshi «Premind Bitcoin» is a grossly inaccurate statement:
Part 3 is Most Interesting:
7. Barely Sociable admits this evidence is «Circumstantial»:
8. Even though was hacked, his other email was being used during Bitcoin Scaling Drama of 2015/16:
9. Satoshi added the 1mb block limit in Secret in 2010?
10. Praising of Gavin & Bitcoin Foundation (aka Bullshit):
11. Demonizing Blockstream as a For Profit Company (again more Big Blocker Propaganda and never explains how Blockstream profits):
12. Incredibly Accurate Statement on BitcoinXT by Adam Back, followed by horrible Cherry Picking of statements about Blockstream giving Gavin the scaling Run Around:
13. «I lean towards Gavin Andresen having better intentions» is crazy:
14. Huge speculation of Thaymos / Blockstream Conspiracy on Censorship «May or May Not have had financial dealings with Blockstream» WTF is that mean?
15. Thaymos + Blockstream + Slickage Conspiracy (should’t Blockstream be paying Thaymos $100k a month with VC money & NOT the other way around?):
16. Right after Mike Hearn released BitcoinXT on Aug 15, 2015 Satoshi send an email from Vistomail account speaking out against XT:
17. After BitcoinXT nodes dropped hard, video makes a claim that «Bitcoin Core didn’t play by the rules…»?
This is where the claim of Adam Back being Satoshi starts:
18. «I Believe Everyone Knows Who Satoshi Is at Bitcoin Core» is a ridiculous statement. NDA’s don’t stretch that far! And this is the reason why Gavin called Craig Wright Satoshi, because an NDA prevented Gavin from calling Adam Back Satoshi 🙂
19. Satoshi is now against bigger blocks and so is the CEO of Blockstream = Adam Back is Satoshi:
20. Only 2 of the 8 White Paper References were core ideas to create Bitcoin, the rest were just Cryptography:
21. Adam is Referenced in Satoshi’s first email to Wey Dai but no evidence of Satoshi vs Adam Convo:
22. No one cared about Wei Dai’s b-money in 1998 except for Adam Back (which also makes it strange that Adam Back would not have info on date of publication, but ok):
23. Adam is most qualified to Code Bitcoin:
24. Adam was MIA 2005-2011:
25. Adam’s claim he never mined is questioned:
26. In 2007 Adam Back made interesting changes to his own Wikipedia Page stating interest in private cash technology but seems to be not interested in testing it less than a year later:

27. Back to British English and pointing to double spaced in Adam’s forum posts:
28. Adam’s history of leaving political messages like in the Genesis Block:
29. Adam was not a good web dev and his website is very basic and similar to original site. Satoshi and Adam Back both looked up to Hal Finney

30. Malta & Taxes:
31. In 2020 he opened a twitter and talked a lot about Wikileaks, then in 2012 Adam started updating Wikipedia articles on bitcoin with detailed history, while officially not getting involved in Bitcoin till 2013:
32. Adam post timing. He never committed a single line of Bitcoin code so how is he qualified to run Blockstream, their investor must be dumb or they know he is Satoshi:
33. Adam’s introductory post on forums he was pointing out mistakes on Bitcoin Wiki then points to a secret bug fix: Events – Bitcoin:
How to Use Bitcoin Tech:

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