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01:25 Factors for Project Strength
03:35 Ren Protocol REN
04:13 Quant Network QNT
04:42 Band Protocol BAND
05:31 Chiliz CHZ
05:57 CRO
06:13 Ren Protocol
06:29 Quant Network QNT
07:18 Uptrennd 1UP
07:54 ShareRing SHR
08:15 Tellor TRB
08:45 Tael WABI
09:06 Sentivate SNTVT
09:34 Safex Cash SFX
09:45 Safe Haven SHA
09:58 Curio CUR

One of the best ways to make great returns in the crypto space is by investing in STRONG projects and cryptocurrencies, rather than CHEAP ones. The difference between the two, is that strong projects have a safer and have a higher chance of success and will not simply quickly go up, only to down as hard to same or lower levels. Though we have seen pumps and dumps with all sorts of projects, it is irrelevant to longer term investing and finding real value and strength that we are discussing here.

Though majority of coins in crypto will be extremely volatile because of lack of liquidity in general, the best ones to buy are the ones that are generally staying profitable despite the dips. So how we find these? That is the million dollar question.

The price going up is an indicator of interest amongst investors, price going down is reduction in the interest, and we are keeping any possible manipulation out of this conversation because that is one of the hardest factors to analyse.

let’s go through a simple exercise on how you and how Altcoin Buzz has been functioning and how you could use Altcoin Buzz as possible source of finding strong projects. Bsically the strength of a project can be determined on a few main factors:

Community, user base and outreach
Business model and partnerships
Use case and utility
Liquidity and exchanges
Trendiness of the Industry and sector the project is in

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