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[- Youtuber (EN) Tone Vays -] Bitcoin Law Review – Telegram, Kik, Tezos & More @ToneVays

Disclaimer: Nothing said on this law show should be interpreted as Legal Advice!

Topic 1: Telegram ICO

Court in Telegram case blocks gram token issuance, says token distribution likely violates securities law

Topic 2: Kik ICO

Kik seeks pre-trial judgment to end prolonged ICO battle with the SEC

Topic 3: Tezos Settlement

Topic 4: SEC vs Steven Segal

Topic 5: COVID-19 Policy
CFTC on a Break: Act: statement032420?utm_source=govdelivery{«search»:[«»coronavirus+aid»»]}&r=1&s=1
Automatic BOOST to Communitites Act: Boost to Communities Act .pdf
Digital Dollars in House Stimulus Bill:

Always a Potential Topic: Is Ripple a Security:
The Block’s Deleted Twitter Thread, Use

Time Permitting: US Housing Foundation vs Forman (1975)

Bitcoin Address Ban:
Latest in Bitfinex/Tether Case:

Honorable Mention:

Closing Moment of Zen:

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